About Honey Kitchen and Our Story

Company Purpose and Mission

Make enjoyably simple and useful products that subtly brighten your day 

Everyday life is full of small unpleasantries that go unnoticed and they add up.

So... we make our products to improve your quality of life through “the small” things. Whether it’s giving you peace of mind with our drink stirrers, saving time & effort with our dedicated scoops, or as simple as Honey Bear’s smile to greet you with your morning brew.

Experience an unexpected sense of liberation & peace when removing a long-hidden thorn in your day and enjoy something new & pleasant in its place.

Honey Bear Kitchen Origin Story

Green Bean Coffee Mug Scratched and Damaged

An Unpleasant Realization

Mr. Bear: One day after finishing a cup of joe in my favorite Green Beans Coffee Mug. I noticed the bottom of my beloved mug was covered in scratches. The irony, this mug survived a ~year long combat tour only to be ruined unwittingly back home with a metal spoon... Once Mrs. Bear and me saw that, we noticed all our mugs and bowls had these terrible metal marks. This was bothersome and could not be unseen. We searched the internet for a good quality low maintenance re-usable stirring spoon. Frustrated by not being able to find one. I said "f*** it..." Honey Bear and I then embarked on this new journey and founded Honey Bear Kitchen.



To Solution

Since then we worked on our ideas, several prototypes, and learnings about the process of developing a product. 2 years later, we fell in love with our product, we use it every day now. Although it was a designed for coffee and tea, we find ourselves using it stirring oatmeal on the stovetop, using it as a mini cooking spatula, serving yogurt, sauces, and feeding our baby daughter.

This enjoyment of using a product to solve a simple problem is what we want to share. This is also why we as the founders like to stay anonymous and prefer to go by Mr. and Mrs. Bear. For us it's all about the product and its usefulness to our customers.

First Honey Bear Kitchen Product